Hello and welcome to the official website of independant musician Nog Cavanagh. Nog makes instrumental music inspired by space-rock, psychedelia and electronica. His first album "Everything Leads to Here" was released in 2005 to critical acclaim and his new album "Sombre Castles of Desire is now available from this website.
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Sombre Castles of Desire
(Angry Robot Aargh B302)

King Arachno
A Chemical Taste on the Tongue
Sombre Castles of Desire
House of Nevermore
Looks Like Rain
Ghosts on the Wind
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"Sombre Castles of Desire" is Nog's new album. A logical progression from "Everything Leads to Here", the record contains 10 tracks which vary from hypnotic chill-outs to furious fuzzed-out space ROCK. The album utilises an expanded sonic armoury of vintage and modern equipment to create the rich layered sound of true 21st century psychedelia. From the uplifting Floydian drama of "Astraglyde", through the dark paranoia of "A Chemical Taste on the Tongue" to the hypnotic soundscapes of "Looks Like Rain" and the poignant "Ghosts on the Wind", "Sombre Castles of Desire" takes the listener on an hour-long psychic journey to the limits of inner and outer space.
The album features the wonderful and mysterious ASTRA GLYDE, playing theremin and analogue synths on Tracks 9 and 10.

Praise for "Sombre Castles of Desire"

'Cavanagh moves through most of the touchstones of contemporary space rock, composing mellow soundscapes and crystalline visions here, driving, sometimes even guttural, rockers there, delivering a wide-ranging sense of aural textures that meld together across this record. It's a genuinely multi-instrumental approach ... around each corner, into each individual track, there's something new and interesting while all the time poking at the different vibes and angles of space rock. It's an inventive, creative, exciting and engaging record."
Hawkwind Biographer Ian Abrahams

"Marvellous! Sombre Castles of Desire is a CD that all those into instrumental, psychedelic space rock and cosmic ambient should get."
DJ Astro, the Psychotropic Zone

"This is Nog Cavanagh's 2nd release and it's filled with the same styling of deep space music as his debut ( Everything Leads To Here)... There is playfulness, and that genuine 60's psychedelic flavor to it, which I found extra nice... If you like Pink Floyd I think it's safe to say you'll like this CD also. I am glad there are musicians still around like Nog, that can do what they want and make these type recordings from another galaxy. "

Availability: "Sombre Castles of Desire" is now available from this website. The album comes in a jewel box, with four page full colour booklet and costs 9.99 GBP with free worldwide postage. Total running time is 1 hour 2 minutes.
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Everything Leads to Here
(Angry Robot Aargh 4001)

Scorpia Mossmoon
Tiny Beams of Light
A Quiet Reprieve
Out of Body
Accept This Gift
The Garden
It Can Be As Big As You Want It


"Everything Leads To Here" is Nog's debut album, released in 2005. The album utilises a mix of digital sequencers and vintage analogue equipment to create atmospheric and exhilarating instrumental music that is inspired by ambient electronica, classic psychedelia and space rock-

Praise for "Everything Leads to Here"

'... A 55 minute excursion into the expanses of outer and inner space...dripping with psychedelia...echoed chorused guitar shimmers and glistens, evoking choirs of celestial bells chiming in a zero-gravity expanse...If Hawkwind had collaborated with Peter Gabriel on a selection of tracks from the Passion album,it might have sounded something like this... Future releases will hopefully find Cavanagh building off this foundation, creating a name for himself as a fresh voice in contemporary space rock.'
ProgScape.com (USA)

'...an amazing aural journey that you can't help but revisit after the music stops. I feel that the name Nog Cavanagh is destined to be synonymous to modern space rock and psychedelia.... by far one of the better recordings in the genre... without doubt a very recommended purchase.'
Prognaut (USA)

'...55 minutes of stunning space rock . Hard percussion and searing guitar plunge the audience into a spacey realm of dazzling astral rock compositions. Electronics spin and explode, propelling the music to the outer regions of Galactic space. But the strongest attractions here are Cavanagh's guitar pyrotechnics. Manifesting a gritty brilliance with slick ease, the riffs blaze with a unique fervour, glistening like shooting stars crossing a purple twilight sky... A thoroughly rewarding sonic experience.'
Sonic Curiosity.com (USA)

'Multi-instrumentalist Nog Cavanagh explores the universe from his home studio with his all instrumental music that draws on classic guitar space rock and a more modern synth driven kind of psychedelia as its influences. ... could be likened to ambient techno... but with lots of guitar... Through dark textures and spacey psychedelic excursions, the album ends on a soaring note... reminded me of some of the bright, upbeat kind of playing heard from Hawkwind in the early '80's... I'm sure it won't be long before we hear more from this Yorkshire space rocker.'
Aural Innovations.com (USA)

'This is an album chock full of instrumental delights, all originating in classic acid and space rock. My own favourite is the shimmering Out of Body, which is exquisite psychedelia... a delight.'
Space Rock.co uk

'...original and varied. Nog is a talented guitar player, and the stuff works in other ways as well. Great psychedelic tracks...marvellous...dreamy... worth checking out if you're interested in instrumental, psychedelic, underground space rock'
Psychotropic Zone (Finland)

'A splendid space-rock album, blending Porcupine Tree and Hawkwind elements into a timeless musical vortex. Hawke Rating: 4/5'
Terry Hawke.com (UK)

'Brilliant and an indispensable work, highly recommendable.'
Progressive Rock and Progressive Metal E-zine (Brazil)

'A beautiful, multi-layered, purely instrumental spacerock piece...'
Psychedelic-Music.Net (Germany)

'With heaps of soaring guitar, sequencers, synths and driving bass, the music certainly moves in all the right directions'
Terrascope Online (UK) 'This is the champagne of spacerock: bubbling, exciting and tasteful! ...an ambient kind of psychedelic, most beautiful, very relaxing but also very professional and inspiring... I think that Nog Cavanagh is one of the absolute masters of space rock: buy this CD and enjoy!'
Prog-Nose.org (Belgium)

The album comes in a jewel box, with a four-page litho-printed full colour booklet. Total running time is 55 minutes.

Availability: "Everything Leads to Here" is available from this website. The album costs 6.99 GBP with free worldwide postage. Please order via PayPal secure transaction by clicking on the button below. Thank You!

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