The RSPB's recent restoration of the Beckingham Marshes Nature Reserve in Nottinghamshire was the inspiration for a marsh plant alphabet. Please see CONSERVATION page!
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D is for Dactylis glomerata, L is for Lapsana communis
and R is for Ranunculus acris
by Amanda Willoughby
(Copyright 2015)

"Glorious, golden Weardale hay meadows, glowing with the rainbow colours of a million wildflowers and brimming with buzzing bees and basking butterflies... a jubilant jamboree of plants jostling and thronging, revelling in their vibrant beauty and flaunting their summer splendour with abandon and joy!"

Quote and page from A Weardale Calendar
by Amanda Willoughby
(Copyright 2012)

"There is beauty in industrial decline at Hemingfield Colliery, where many plant species colonise the crumbly concrete winding headgear and the dank, dripping darkness of the pumping shaft. The flora-covered lead mines of the North Pennines and the Peak District, where tiny Spring Sandwort flowers peek through rocks in lunar landscapes and delicate harebells dance on the spoil heaps, are also inspirational."
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Quote and image of Metallophytes 1: Mountain Pansy
by Amanda Willoughby
(Copyright 2014)

"I was never short of joyful inspiration in beautiful Weardale in the North Pennines, where I lived for four years, watching the changing seasons, the fluttering larks, the soaring herons, the calling lapwings, the River Wear laughing and gurgling through the valley, the burns swirling alongside steep-sided cliffs of layered shale hung with swinging ivy and dripping ferns! The foxglove- and heather-clad moors of the Dark Peak in Derbyshire have also inspired and informed my work."
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Quote and Foxglove (for the book Wildflowers of the Peak District)
by Amanda Willoughby
(Copyright 2012)

Sheffield's inner city wastelands and pavements, where "vivid, scarlet poppies and exquisite, spiralling plantains" survive and thrive amidst the rubbish and rubble, were the inspiration for Amanda's award-winning Plants of the Urban Wasteland and Plants in the City Pavement projects. See EXHIBITIONS and AWARDS pages.

Quote and Plants of the Urban Wasteland 1: Ribwort Plantain
by Amanda Willoughby
(Copyright 1997)

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